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Providing the Mpumalanga Area with the latest computers

We pride ourselves on the ability to provide laptops and desktops of all makes, models and price ranges to our customers in the Mpumalanga area. We have a computer for everyone, we also provide support and customer service, which you just can’t get when buying your computer at a massive electronic chain shop, and this service is provided to every one of our customers.

Let us help steer you in the Right Direction

Many of our customers are uncertain when it comes to what to look for in a computer, so we take the time to understand your computer needs before IT sales come into play. Customer satisfaction is paramount in our business. This is why we listen to whether you need a gaming computer, something for school or just a cheap repair on your current computer. There is no pushy salesman, just friendly and helpful experts.

Quality you can trust isn't as available as you think

Every computer we offer has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it is ready for its new owner to use, with no complaints or issues. But in the unlikely case that you do have a problem, all of our repair work is done in store, at our IT Company in Nelspruit, so it’s the norm for it to be a same day service. We charge less and get the repairs done faster than anyone else because we stock thousands of parts, all for your convenience.

Keep in mind our stock is constantly changing, new arrivals are added daily

We stock a range of computers from all of the major manufacturers including Dell, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Sony, IBM, Lenovo, Acer, Asus and more! Is there something you are looking for in specific? Take a moment to speak with a member of our staff regarding your upcoming computer purchase, we are always willing to help.

All this and more from our IT sales in Nelspruit

When it comes to your IT, you should be expecting and getting nothing but a quality service specialised for your IT needs. We are not just a company that prides itself on giving clients a superior IT product when we are doing IT sales in Nelspruit. We have also focused our IT sales in Nelspruit to incorporate a service that will be available if you have questions or need assistance, ensuring that you are never left without support should something happen to your system. This means that we can provide you with the kind of quality that lives up to the standard of our company.

IT sales in Nelspruit might be offered by many companies, but few of them offer the kind of support that we do. If you are in need of a quality laptop or desktop computer, as well as the services that come after the IT sale has taken place, then you have come to the right place. At Nashua Lowveld we are always putting you first. No mess no fuss when you are buying from us.

#1 in IT Services and Supply in Nelspruit

Providing quality IT services in Nelspruit

Finding quality IT services in Nelspruit is not difficult when you look to with Nashua Lowveld. Nashua Lowveld combines years of experience along with trained IT experts to provide each customer with quality IT Services. Nashua Lowveld has grown over the years to become a trusted provider of IT Services in Nelspruit. Many businesses in Nelspruit, from large established companies to small start-up businesses, have discovered the benefits of using the IT Services of one of the most established IT companies in Nelspruit.

An IT company should be able to give you a quality service that is going to make your work easier and that is not going to cause setbacks and delays in your productivity. An IT company should always be able to offer you the best solutions at affordable prices. Choosing an IT company should not be based only on the cost of the service. When you are choosing an IT company you should take into consideration all of the services that are on offer and whether or not they have a service plan that is going to suit your needs.
The IT industry is not limited to simply selling products. All IT products need to have regular maintenance done so that they are not only able to perform effectively but also so that they do not suddenly breakdown. Nashua Lowveld is one of the best trusted IT companies in Nelspruit and we know how to keep your IT machines well maintained so that you will not have to worry about them shutting down. Most companies use computers in their day to day operations and having a machine malfunction can bring a halt to the work.

The necessity of IT maintenance as a part of IT services

IT maintenance is a part of the IT services offered by Nashua Lowveld. The maintenance of a computer is highly important to ensure that the machine runs properly and effectively. Regular maintenance is needed in order to prevent the need to do an expensive overhaul of the machine in the event of it breaking. When a computer breaks down it can cost lots of money to repair and it could result in a company losing money as well as having to make money spare in order to pay for expensive repairs.

Routine maintenance should be a part of every business’s monthly plans. Computer maintenance focuses on the external parts of the computer as well as the internal parts. Keeping the physical parts of the computer clean is as important as keeping the software clean.

Computers are known to get very dusty on the inside and this can prevent the computer from running effectively as the dust settles on the hardware such as the motherboard and the hard drives. While some might choose to clean this up themselves, it can be a tricky task which can result in the damage of hardware which will cost plenty of money to replace. The internal parts of the computer might even give you an electrical shock. Having professionals cleaning your computer is a better option as they know how to do it best and they have equipment that ensures that they are able to get all of the dirt out the difficult to reach places.

The data on the computer also needs to be maintained. One part of this is done by setting up a backup system. Experts from Nashua Lowveld know the importance of setting up backups as a part of the IT Services provided in Nelspruit. Backups done by professionals ensures that your data is copied and saved somewhere it will be kept safe and secure. In the event of your computer crashing or being stolen, and depending on the backup system installed, having a copy of your data will mean that you will be capable of restoring your valuable information.
A regular disk clean-up is important for the optimal running of your computer and all of your programmes. Let the technicians at Nashua Lowveld keep your computer well maintained.

Why choose Nashua Lowveld as your IT company in Nelspruit?

At Nashua Lowveld we believe in giving clients nothing but the best service and that means meeting the needs of the clients and providing a high quality service each time our IT Services in Nelspruit are called upon. Nashua Lowveld understands that your time is your money and we want to help you to make money by giving you a world class IT service that is going to have your IT systems working optimally. Should something go wrong with your computer systems we try to ensure that we resolve your problem as quickly as possible to get you back to being productive and making a profit.

Helping our clients gives us satisfaction and nothing but the best services and solutions will do for our clients. For IT services in Nelspruit, let Nashua Lowveld provide you with exceptional services to give you peace of mind about your IT systems.

Contact us for innovative IT solutions for your business in Nelspruit and other areas of the Lowveld.

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