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Nashua Lowveld was established in Mbombela in 1987

Established in the Lowveld almost 30 years ago, Nashua Lowveld has become the go to service provider for a variety of IT and printer needs in and around Nelspruit.
We took Office Automation in the Lowveld to new heights by offering an outstanding service to our clients. As our services and the community’s needs and interest in Nashua Lowveld grew, so did our staff base. Starting off with only five staff members, we now have a full staff compliment of over 60 dedicated, hardworking members.

The Nashua Lowveld Team
In a market where competition is intense, Nashua Lowveld is ever conscious of the fact that service excellence is the distinguishing factor between one company and another. For this reason we have assembled a team of dedicated members that can rise to any occasion and this has made us the leading Nelspruit printer, copier and IT supplier.
Our professional and efficient staff are always available to ensure that the specific needs of each of our clients are met. Our employees are leaders in their fields and with their expertise they have been able to make Nashua Lowveld the leader in IT services, mobile services and CCTV supplies, installations and maintenance. Each staff member is an integral part of the team at Nashua Lowveld and an important part of what makes Nashua Lowveld the success that it is.

The organisation
Expanded to the point that a larger office was needed and a more central building was built in Piet Retief Street, Nelspruit. This is where our head office is now located. Our unique signage, location and building design makes the Nashua Lowveld building a landmark in the area. Nashua Lowveld is a well-known and popular supplier of ink and printers to business and individuals in Nelspruit and in the greater Lowveld area. Nashua has been offering affordable and reliable products to the Lowveld community since 1987 and has grown to become one of the leading IT companies in Nelspruit.

All of our products and services are available within a single building, and these include Mobile Services, CCTV Cameras, Automation Solutions, PABX Systems and Fleet Management. Our products are supported by the maintenance services which we offer. Nashua Lowveld’s Automation Services include the sale and maintenance of computer machinery and equipment such as printers and digital storage and security systems. We supply PABX Systems which are common telephone networks used by call centres and other companies. The fleet management or tracking services includes the tracking of how company vehicles are being driven, GPS accuracy and electronic logbooks. Nashua Lowveld is also a leader in CCTV supplies and installation in Nelspruit.
This is just a breakdown of the extensive amount of services we offer. Over the last few years our product portfolio has grown to such an extent, that we now not only cater for specific and/or individual needs, but also offer turn-key solutions to companies and individuals alike.

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