PABX: offering a communication system ideal for all businesses

Today, all businesses need to have a certain amount of flexibility and if a company is unable to be a bit flexible in all areas, especially in the way that they communicate then that business could find itself struggling. With a PABX system, you are going to find that ideal way to be both flexible and reliable in the way that you communicate and in the way that your company is going to do business. With the right PABX system, your company is going to transform into one that is able to put growth first and experience the best ways to efficiently communicate with customers from a variety of places, while communicating in a number of ways. In fact, with the right system, you can transform from a company that is operating in a single area to one that spans regions. The right PABX system is one that helps you grow.

The Ns500 and the TS824 are both fantastic PABX systems that are able to take the place of many office communication systems. They have changed the traditional desk phones into an IP based communication network that can be used by both big and small companies.

The Benefits of the PABX system

The PABX system, including the Ns500 and the TS824, are so easy to set up and with their flexibility and easy use they are the only telephone system that you are going to need in your office.

The PABX system is able to combine all of the traditional uses of the telephone along with the new advantages that come with having a system that is connected to the internet. The Ns500 and the TS824 (a system very familiar to the KX824) are full of useful features that are going to make your day to day business communications an absolute breeze.

Having a PABX system that is able to connect to the internet can save you money which is ideal when you are working on a budget. As this system can allow you to line up calls and assist in the management of your phone calls, you don’t need numerous systems. This is the answer to your wireless communication needs.

A system for every industry

The PABX system fits in beautifully with any industry, regardless of the work that you do. With excellent options for your routing, this system again proves its flexibility. And with the adaptable features that come with each system, you will have everything you need in order to have constant contact, and maintain that contact, with every client no matter who they are.

Nashua offers the incredibly popular and efficient Ns500 and TS824 (or KX824) PABX systems in Nelspruit and the rest of Mpumalanga. Contact us or pay us a visit to find out how you can enhance the way you do business.

Do you know about Nashua Voice?

An IP based telephony service, Nashua Voice offers a complete spectrum of speedy telecommunication services that can improve productivity at your business.

At Nashua Lowveld, we will create a bespoke package perfectly suited to the needs of you and your business which could save you up to 40% in the expenses usually earmarked for communication.

There are endless possibilities with Nashua Lowveld and Nashua Voice. Check out Nashua Voice’s great features, which include:

Auto Attendant:

Add a professional feel to your business with a digital receptionist who will greet incoming callers and direct them to an extension with an automatic voice message.

Remote Extensions:

No matter your location, you can stay connected with the people in your office, and they with you with Nashua Voices’ Remote Extensions which give you the power to respond so much faster to your clients and staff and also collaborate in a much smarter and streamlined way.

Telephone Management System (TMS)

With Nashua Voice, the Telephone Management System(TMS) really is a smart system, collecting information from the company’s PBX system and then uses this information, allocating it to pre-composed elements like trunk lines and client categories, accounts, extension numbers, departments or staff names. This helps the business owner to create reports, whether on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis.

Number Porting

Another great feature of Nashua Voice is the ability to take an existing number from another service provider, let’s say from Telkom, and bring it over to Nashua’s Service.

Call Recording

A safety feature which you will be very thankful for and some that will help boost your sales. With Call Recording from Nashua Voice, you are able to record calls and there are no proprietary playback requirements. Standard MP3 files are used in the formats for recordings.

Calls from Mobile

Save save save with the Nashua Voice’s ‘Calls from Mobile’ feature which allows you to make international calls from your mobile phone at only a fraction of the cost. This amazing saving is accomplished by cleverly routing calls through the Nashua Voice Service.

Hosted Private Branch Exchange(PBX)

To ramp up the mobility and flexibility of your business, Nashua will host and operate your business telephone system off-site.

Voicemail 2 Email

A nifty way to get your voicemails is through email. With Voicemail 2 Email, your voicemail messages will be delivered directly to your email account. This works a charm when you or your staff are on the go and need to retrieve voice mail messages, or forward them to colleagues.

PABX Systems Nelspruit

Nashua Lowveld specialises in the installation of PABX systems.

Office administration can be optimised using a PABX system as internal calls can be swiftly and easily transferred around the office without the need for an employee to leave what they are busy with. Systems such as this also have a number of features such as reminders and the ability to forward calls. PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) telephone network systems are commonly used by call centres and companies. A PABX system opens a new world of opportunity. This system is a digital switchboard with numerous advantages such as high call volume, hands-free operation and courteous waiting features for your customers.

PABX allows a single access number to offer multiple lines to outside callers while providing a range of external lines to internal callers or staff meaning that should you have a large staff this system is the perfect way to distribute calls. Nashua Lowveld should be you first choice PABX System provider in Nelspruit.

Your number once choice in PABX Systems Nelspruit.

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